09: Using a food business to fund non-profits: solidariTEA

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Food, justice, and the entrepreneurial spirit find their full expression with SolidariTEA. This Bay Area based organization is dedicated to supporting the efforts of local non profits through the sale of a delicious and healthful beverage. They’ve created a new, sustainable model to address the funding challenges facing non profits today, and are partnering with People’s Grocery and the Rock Paper Scissor Collective in Oakland. And of course, SolidariTEA is also a tasty addition to your grocery shelf! Jaq spoke with Co-Founder and Product Manager Trey Jalbert about SolidariTEA’s philosophy, which is exemplified in who they partner with, where their tea comes from and how its made.

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Their Partners:

Rock Paper Scissors Collective 

People’s Grocery 



Posted on February 27, 2014 in Podcast

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