11: Urban Wine Making: A Woman’s Perspective





Urban winery doesn’t exactly bring to mind the idyllic country side complete with endless hillsides of sun drenched grape vines. But there is something special happening within the enclaves of our cities. People are working hard to bring you delicious fermented fruits with all the skill of an estate winery, sans the pretensions. Despite women graduating with almost half of the enology degrees at UC Davis and purchasing near three quarters of the wine in the United States, they only make up 10% of the actual winemakers. We sat down with Shauna Rosenblum of Rock Wall Wine Company who is putting out some award winning wines from an old airplane hanger in Alameda, California. We explored what it’s like to be a woman in a field dominated by men, why urban wine-making is so awesome, and learned all about the Urban Wine Experience event taking place this weekend in Oakland. Join us to get a little local wine flavor!


Shauna Rosenblum Rock Wall Wine Company  Shauna Rosenblum | Rock Wall Winery
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For Tickets & more info about the event, Click Poster below:

Urban Wine Xperience






















Posted on July 31, 2014 in Podcast

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