10: Home Cooking Your Way To Your Own Food Business

Have you ever been told, “Your bread is fantastic, you should sell it!” Or maybe you’re interested in starting a small business out of your home as a way to generate a little extra cash. Perhaps you are already doing this, but you’re not really sure if it’s legal.

Good news, it probably is. Over 30 states have recently passed laws allowing food made in the home to be sold to the public. These are commonly referred to as cottage food laws, but in California it is known as the Homemade Food Act of 2012.

There are many people working to transform our food system into something more equitable and sustainable. The Homemade Food Act provides an opportunity to do just that. We spoke with a number of different people within the cottage food movement to hear their stories.

Correction: In the episode, we mistakenly used the wrong title for Esperanza Pallana. Her correct title is Council Director, not Executive Coordinator. 


Mike Gatto | California State Assemblymen
Website mikegatto.com | Follow @mikegatto



Christina_ProfileChristina Oatfield | Policy Director – Sustainable Economies Law Center
Website theSELC.org | Follow @TheSELC



Esperanza Pallana | Council Director – Oakland Food Policy Council
Website oaklandfood.org | Follow @OaktownFoodnLaw




Donald W. Schaffner, Ph.D. | Host – Food Safety Talk Podcast,
Extension Specialist in Food Science and Professor at Rutgers University
Website foodsafetytalk.com | Follow @bugcounter


d crabill
David Crabill | CottageFoods.org & Forrager.com
Website cottagefoods.org | 



tim richardsTim Richards | The Philosopher’s Stoneground Sprouted Nut Butters
Website thephilosophersstoneground.com | 



sheeraSheera Duerigen | Tortillas de la Tierra
Website tortillasdelatierra.com | Like facebook.com/tortillasdelatierra



Judy_inKitchen1Judy Fleischmann | Loving Live Treats
Website lovinglivetreats.com | Like facebook.com/lovinglivetreats



Additional Info : 








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